Frequently Asked Questions

Can SetaGrip be installed over existing floors?

Yes, SetaGrip can be installed over any non-porous floor that is first thoroughly cleaned and free of dust and dirt.

Can SetaGrip be installed over raw concrete or plywood?

SetaGrip needs a non-porous surface to seal the air pockets to any surface. When it comes to porous surfaces such as raw concrete and plywood, we use Wakol PU280 as our sealer. The use of PU280 makes SetaGrip that much better—once used, the install will boast moisture mitigation (from the PU280) and then sound insulation and a clean finished look from the SetaGrip itself.

Can SetaGrip be installed over existing floors?

Yes, SetaGrip can be installed over any non-porous floor that is first thoroughly cleaned and free of dust and dirt.

Can I use a different sealer than Wakol PU280?

We have tested and confirmed Wakol PU280 is the optimal moisture mitigator/sealer for SetaGrip. Thus, we recommend it when necessary. For the benefit of a true moisture barrier and primer function in one low cost product, it is the best solution for saving time and money for your important applications. Other sealers may be used, but in order to maintain your OneFlor USA limited lifetime warranty, the PU280 is required.

Does SetaGrip expand or contract?

As with any product, some expansion/contraction may occur in extreme temperatures. However, if the room/area is temperature-controlled, there won’t be an issue with expansion/contraction.

Does SetaGrip need an expansion gap?

Widely varying temperature fluctuations could cause expansion/contraction. However, if the room is temperature controlled, the installer can butt the flooring right up against the wall without a problem. It’s important to note that it’s acceptable and common to leave a ¼ inch gap if a wallbase is being installed.

Is SetaGrip scratch, stain and slip resistant?

Yes. Our wearlayer is made of thick, virgin PVC vinyl with a high performance, crosslinked urethane coating reinforced with ceramic beads for the highest levels of stain, scratch and abrasion resistance. SetaGrip also provides a good coefficient of dry friction for maximum slip resistance safety.

Can SetaGrip handle heavy rolling loads? What about indentation?

SetaGrip handles heavy rolling loads with no issues. For heavy static loads, there will be some minor indentation for a time. However, SetaGrip bounces back quickly. We attribute the indentations to our comfort-core, which provides more cushion than typical LVT, making SetaGrip more comfortable for people such as doctors, nurses, teachers, etc.

Does SetaGrip have an RH limit?

Because SetaGrip doesn’t require an adhesive, the RH doesn’t apply. However, we do utilize a moisture barrier when necessary (porous surfaces, see “Can SetaGrip be installed over raw concrete or plywood?”)

Is SetaGrip waterproof?

If installed properly, SetaGrip can withstand large quantities of water. For drainage cutouts or areas that undergo a lot of topical moisture, the installer can use silicone caulk for added protection.

Can I use SetaGrip in my basement?

SetaGrip requires a dry surface for adhesion. Any on or below grade floor that has direct contact with the earth could be susceptible to moisture from below. To check if your floors are dry, cut a 2×2 foot square of a garbage bag and apply to the floor using duct tape around the edges. Wait at least 48 hours and detach the bag. If there is no visible moisture, darkness or change in color, you can install SetaGrip following the standard installation procedure. If moisture is detected, your floor will need a coating system to protect the SetaGrip from moisture.

Can SetaGrip be installed over existing tile with grout lines?

When it comes to installing over tile, circumstances will vary based on the levelness of the tiles, depth and thickness of grout lines and the overall integrity of the tile. These should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Can SetaGrip be installed over access flooring?

Yes! SetaGrip loves access flooring. Due to its proprietary backing, SetaGrip is a great option for finishing access floors as it will give the user the option to get underneath when needed. We’ve become a standard at a couple of Tate Distributors in the Northeast.

Does SetaGrip have sound qualities?

SetaGrip offers a Delta IIC of 20 on the 4 Series. The Delta rating accounts for the product itself. A typical glue-down’s Delta is well under 10. Thus, for example, a 6-inch slab with a drop ceiling will give SetaGrip a 60IIC.

Is SetaGrip safe?

SetaGrip is phthalate free and bio-based. Our 100% virgin vinyl contains no post consumer/post industrial scrap, ortho-phthalates, formaldehyde, other contaminants or heavy metals. In fact, SetaGrip uses DTOP, which is safe enough for use in children’s toys.

Is SetaGrip comfortable?

Yes! SetaGrip is soft underfoot and impact-absorbing without a hollow feeling or the hardness of laminate.

How do you cut SetaGrip?

A straight edge razor works perfectly. For more difficult cuts, you can heat it up (make sure not to melt anything).

How can you tell if the floor is flat enough?

Standards for floor flatness are typically within 1/32 of an inch within every 1 foot or 1/8 of an inch over 6 feet. In order to determine this, take a straight edge on its side (a 1 foot straight edge works best), and measure any gaps you find underneath. If your floor is not flat enough, you can use an underlayment, like a cement based floor leveler for concrete or wood underlayment for wood.

Do existing floors need to be stripped of wax before laying SetaGrip?

No! SetaGrip actually loves a floor with wax. It helps SetaGrip seal the air pockets even better. Plus, it saves the installer time, which is something we always try to do!

Where has SetaGrip been installed?

SetaGrip has been installed in just about all interior locations from very high traffic to low traffic (with the exception of operating rooms and research labs, due to the inherent need for a seamless floor). Some installs include: Healthcare – ED corridors, specific patient units; Education – various locations; Grocery Stores; Seniorcare; Childcare; Dental offices; Veterinary clinics; Court Houses; Apartment building corridors and living quarters; Multi-family; Churches; Corporate offices and more! If you have any specific install location questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Where is SetaGrip stocked?

SetaGrip is stocked in two locations: Georgia and Wisconsin.

What’s the minimum quantity for a custom order?

For custom orders for our in-stock films, we won’t typically go under 8,000SF. However, we may make exceptions if timing works perfectly with one of our regular shipments. For requested colors outside of our stock films, the minimum is 1 container (27,000SF 5 Series, 32,000SF 4 Series).

What’s the lead time on custom orders?

For custom orders of our stock films, the lead time is 8-12 weeks. For custom orders outside of our stock films, the timing will vary based on the dialogue between all parties involved in making the color perfect for the requestor.