OneFlor USA is a resilient flooring manufacturer with One Vision: Smart Flooring.

That means we approach flooring design and engineering with our customers in mind first. Our aim, quite simply, is to build trust through our innovative products and service so our customers feel confident that they can quickly create beautiful, sustainable spaces that will last for years to come.

Smart flooring reduces the risk of failure.

We believe flooring is meant to be enjoyed, not labored over. That’s why we looked to nature for an ingenious way to quickly and easily install LVT flooring without the use of glue. Our CEO, David Kim, found the answer in the gecko lizard. By mimicking the properties that make the gecko’s feet so insanely sticky, our team created our proprietary, patented SetaGrip™ backing.

Let’s make your vision a reality. And let’s do it smarter, faster and easier.

What Makes Us Tick


We help the A&D community, installers and DIY-ers build better spaces faster and have more successful projects by reducing the risk of failure with our innovative flooring.


OneFlor USA aims to be the most customer centric flooring company in the industry. To that end, our operations are designed to maximize responsiveness and flexibility. Our internal culture is marked by warmth, honesty and transparency. Above all, we exist to discover and commercialize new ideas that will improve the lives of people who live and work on floors.



Inspired by the gecko’s ability to stick to walls, David J. Kim devised a micro-suction backing that would speed up the installation process. Kim patented his invention, SetaGrip Technology.

OneFlor Europe bvba was established in Belgium and began distributing LVT in Europe (main markets: Germany, France, Export).


SetaGrip Technology was first introduced to the commercial flooring market.


SetaGrip Technology was the bronze medalist for the 2018 EFA Product Innovation Award.

OneFlor Europe received a capital increase to 4M€ and became a pioneer in the introduction of the new LVT generation called rigid core.


OneFlor Europe was Gold Winner of the 2019 Flooring Innovation Award. The Kortrijk showroom inauguration was celebrated.


SetaGrip Technology entered the DIY market through the Cling Tiles brand.

OneFlor UK Ltd. was established. BNL sales operations began. HOME 30 was launched.


OneFlor USA LLC was established in Texas, USA.