SetaGrip Technology provides the benefits of glue downs as well as the ease of installation of a loose lay. It uses a negative fluid, vacuum pressure with millions of microscopic suction cups to securely adhere any object to a flat, non-porous surface for minimal disruptions, easy installation, and immediate use.

EMT Core

Eco Multi Texture Core Technology (EMT Core) is a multi layer structure that ensures long term superior dimensional stability. Our core uses 5 layers where most other flooring products on the market use 3 layers..


Sound Protec is a high-performance acoustics system that uses EMT Core to reduce the impact of sound from the surface of the flooring. Our 3.5MM products get the same IIC rating as most 5MM acoustical products.

OneFlor USA is proud to partner with NOX Global, a premiere flooring innovation and manufacturing company.

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