SBL-OneFlor USA Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

SBL-OneFlor USA Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our Commitments

We believe that companies should operate with a strong focus on both the patients and the staff that cares for them. 

Supporting Inclusive Economic Opportunities

We are committed to ensuring that economic opportunities remain inclusive, now and in the future. This is regardless of the country, community, business, and people that we work with as well as the team that we hire to operate our services. We promise and ensure equal opportunity that includes those with disabilities and those from different racial and social backgrounds.

Protecting Core Rights

We give unconditional support to the core and fundamental rights of people. Whether this is the defense of democracy, addressing ableism in society and the workplace, human rights, and the systematic racial injustice and inequity that we so often see in the world.

Building A Sustainable Future

We need to be environmentally conscious so that we can all work towards a future that is more sustainable, and even a company like ours can take steps to implement environmental change and reduce our carbon footprint. We are dedicated to the betterment of the environment while also offering state-of-the-art technology that will better the lives of patients and medical professionals across the country.

Earning The Trust Of Our Clients

The trust and loyalty of our clients, employees, and the communities that we provide service to are one of the most important aspects of our company. We strive to consistently earn and maintain their trust as well as their loyalty. We represent this trust through a strong commitment to privacy, security, and transparency.

Securing The Future

The future is here, and we want to continue to provide safe, reliable, and efficient services as well as serve our employees, clients, and communities to the best of our ability. We promise to always uphold our company policies and strive for a future that is constantly improving.