Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy | OneFlor USA

OneFlor USA Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy Statement

At OneFlor USA, we are dedicated to providing a workplace that harnesses equality, diversity, and inclusion as part of our foundational values. This way, we are able to ensure our success when striving to become a high-performing institution that provides a positive and supportive culture for all of our employees – allowing them to feel both empowered and respected within the workplace. 

In order to achieve and maintain an environment of equality, diversity, and inclusion, we require a firm commitment to action so that we can continue to build an inclusive environment where equal opportunity is available to everyone. We want it to be an environment where diversity is valued among staff, and where every member can reach their full potential within their career without fear of harassment, prejudice, or discrimination. At OneFlor USA, we promise to ensure everyone who works here feels welcome, comfortable, and accepted. 

In order to properly embed these qualities in our workplace, we work alongside the Equality Act 2010 to implement the correct procedures. The equality duty covers the nine protected characteristics: age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation. As a result, we have due regard to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimization, and other conduct prohibited by the Act.
  • Ensure equality of opportunity between those who share a protected characteristic and those who do not.
  • Promote and nurture good relations between those who share a protected characteristic and those who do not.

We expect all employees and members of management who are working for OneFlor USA to behave in a manner that is respectful, considerate, and courteous. They must conduct themselves in an acceptable and professional manner at all times, regardless of whether they are interacting with those who have protected characteristics or those who do not. 

We deem unacceptable behavior as bullying, harassment, victimization, and discrimination. This includes, but is not limited to, protected characteristics that are covered by the Equality Act 2010. Unacceptable behavior in any form will not be tolerated, and all allegations will be investigated and taken seriously. They will be dealt with under relevant procedures by senior members. 

We have full accountability for compliance with the Equality Act 2010, and we are able to ensure that we demonstrate this compliance by doing the following:

  • Removing disadvantages suffered by people due to their protected characteristics
  • Meeting the needs of people from protected groups where these are different from the needs of other people
  • Encouraging people from protected groups to participate in public life or activities where their participation tends to be low
  • Removing barriers to inclusion to create an inclusive work environment where people feel welcomed, valued, and supported.